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Mestizo Restaurant

Founded by a Salvadoran-American Woman, Irma Vasquez wanted to create a place where families could come and enjoy authentic, cultural flavor and exceptional service.  

By combining years of experience and an awareness for healthy cooking techniques, Mestizo soon gained a reputation for having unique twists on traditional plates and being a much healthier option for customers.  Another great option for the customers, a Freshly squeezed Juice menu!! Many combinations available to help you start your day or help you maintain your healthy living.  

Aside from having many delightful Salvadoran and Mexican dishes, Mestizo is most famous for its variety of savory, and beautifully crafted, Pupusas.  In 2007 Mestizo Restaurant introduced a vegetarian menu with many house favorites, and yes ... vegetarian pupusas!

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Mestizo Family.png
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